Customisation Services

At Teaklandgallery, we understand the frustrations of furnishing your home the way you like. Not all ready made furniture fits into every home snugly. Our made to measure options can fit your favourite piece right where you want it.

  • Change length
  • Change height
  • Custom colours
  • Modification of components
  • Adding of ornaments
  • Removal of ornaments
  • Custom art motive additions
  • Complete custom specifications

The Result is a piece of furniture partially or totally designed by the customer.

As customisation requires us to notify our factory to make these changes, please understand that some of these modifications may take time to deliver. We appreciate that you understand this. We also understand that our customers have very strict deadlines to meet. We will endeavour to deliver to the best of our abilities to that dateline.

Quality of customised furniture.

All customised furniture comes with the same quality and reliability as our ready made furniture. Teaklandgallery has its own factory and the whole process is controlled by our professional staff. Refer to "Made to measure" section for more information.